Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo Arcade Speedrun

This is the official F101 leaderboard speedrun for the arcade version of Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo. This is in the hardest difficulty setting. All runs on this list are also published at, but the F101 leaderboard is going to be the official ranking.

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-Arcade version of SSF2T

-Emulators and arcade boards accepted

-Japan and USA accepted

-Difficulty has to be set at 8 (highest)

-Turbo 2 default setting

-Clock starts when you choose your character

-Clock stops when you either hit akuma the last time, or the timer of the round runs out.

Click on run time to view each speedrun video.

Player Character Region Platform Time
1 Skill8D Claw Japan Emulator 10:53
2 SilentScope Blanka Japan Emulator 11:58
3 DjFrijoles T.Hawk USA Arcade Board 14:24
4 SilentScope O.Gief Japan Emulator 14:46
5 Rick Kalaway Boxer Japan Emulator 14:37
6 DjFrijoles Fei Long USA Arcade Board 16:20
7 DjFrijoles Cammy USA Arcade Board 17:11
8 DjFrijoles Zangief USA Arcade Board 17:34
9 NeuralFrights Boxer USA Emulator 17:59
10 DjFrijoles DeeJay USA Arcade Board 18:35
11 DjFrijoles Ryu USA Arcade Board 19:21

All run videos available here>>