Balrog Pro Level Cancels

There are many difficult combos, setups and super cancels in Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo, but these Balrog Super Cancels from crouching strong are probably the most difficult out of all the charge characters in the roster.

The window of execution is very tight, but they are definitely possible as I have tested both online and offline. Some people feel that these super cancels are only possible in practice because the pressure of playing against an opponent makes it too hard to perform them, but they are definitely possible even in high pressure situations if you have the technical skills and the emotional control required to detach yourself from your emotions.

All of the combos and super cancels in the game have been executed by pro players at some point in tournament settings. With that said, the footage of these two a particular cancels is quite limited due to how hard it is to land them.

These super cancels work on Super Turbo, HD Remix and Ultra Street Fighter 2.