3 spoiler free tips for Dark Souls Beginners

At this point everyone knows that the Souls series are relentless and difficult and with 3 Dark Souls games, Bloodborne and Demon Souls on the market, there is definitely a decent niche of gamers willing to take the challenge. Dark Souls 1 continues to be the best of the series and the most challenging according to many fans of the Souls series. With that said, all of the games in the From Software Souls universe seem to be getting high praise from fans, with very few people considering any of them to be bad titles.

The tips we are going to give you in this article are perfect for any of the Dark Souls games because they will help you handle the punishing challenge long enough to learn how things work and then things will get very interesting and engaging.

1-Learn the basics online without any spoilers

Learning how to beat bosses, how to find weapons and spells and how to reach certain areas is definitely a gaming sin that is even more of a sin when you play Dark Souls. The incredible journey that the game provides can only be experienced fully when you are able to beat the entire game by figuring things out by yourself.

With that said, you should learn the basics on your stats, on the combat system and the use of humanity, souls and the difference between being hollow and human before you even get started. Many players quite the game because they start without understanding the basics on these subjects and the game never helps you learn them unless you go through a long process of tedious trial and error.

Trial and error is extremely important in Dark Souls, but trial and error related to getting killed by enemies or traps is part of the addictive engagement of the game, while trial and error caused by your lack of understanding of the game mechanics is a tedious and discouraging experience.

2-Take your time, you will pay for being in a hurry

Most video games are forgiving enough to allow the player to move through enemy hordes when they get tired of dying in the same areas over again. In Dark Souls, even the most insignificant enemies can become a huge problem if you get enough of them together. If you try to avoid enemies, they will hunt you down and they will make you pay.

3-Use items and upgrades based on the situation

Learn to use your instinct and learn to determine what kind of elements are going to be the most harmful against a certain enemy and boss. Also avoid using any items just to experiment if you are not sure what you are doing. Remember that Dark Souls is not the type of game you can reset and start from the last save point if you made a mistake. All of the mistakes you make and all of the things you will be impossible to change or do again.