Street Fighter V sexy PC mods

There is no question that the PC is taking center stage in modern gaming because most of the hassles of that come with the PC are also a problem with consoles today. Patches, firmware updates and all kinds of bugs and issues in console gaming are blurring the line between the PC gaming hardware that is currently available and consoles.

There is one thing that PC continues to do better than consoles besides graphics and resolution and that is Modding. While consoles sell a couple of outfits for your favorite characters in games like Street Fighter, the modding community creates incredible mods that are of even higher quality than the ones being sold for consoles.

This is just one of many mod videos showcasing available skins for Street Fighter V. In this case they went for the super sexy and extremely voluptuous look and it sure beats the crappy costumes that are available on PS4.

There are some insanely good looking mods for all kinds of characters from star wars, marvel, dc and other Capcom titles and the list continues to grow.