First Offline Fightcade Arcade Festival May 26 to 28

Anyone who has the chance to travel to Spain should definitely check out the first Fightcade Offline Festival that will be held in Murchante, a Northern municipality located in Navarre. Those who are familiar with the old school online fighting game community know that Fightcade is the ultimate online gaming platform for Retro Arcade fighting games and the creator is planning to eventually update the system with rankings for the games and profiles for each player.

The festival is going to take place in “Casa de la Cultura” which is located at Calle Mayor, 104, 31521 Murchante, Navarra, Spain. Tournaments will be held and cabinets will be available for a large number of arcade classics. The festival begins on Friday, May 26th, 2017 early in the morning to end on Sunday 28th of the same month.

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