Tech Throws in Ultra Street Fighter II and how this affects characters

We still don’t know if USF2 is meant to completely change the way characters play and how they are balanced, but the simple addition of a tech throw is more than enough to let us know that some characters are going to benefit while others are going to lose important gameplay strategies.

If both throws and grabs can be avoided, the initial obvious issues will be for Boxer, Blanka, Dhalsim and Ken. All 4 of those characters have always taken advantage of their grabs in Super Turbo and HDR. Then you have top tier characters who will be able to get away from throw loops that allow lower tiers to put up a fight with tick throws on block and hit stun.

Does this mean no more tick stun throw after air Tatsu crossup for Ken and Ryu? Or no more s.short throw mixup for dictator? Will players be able to tech all tick throws with option selects regardless of the situation? If that is the case, there will be way too many efficient strategies from ST and HDR that will be completely ruined.

Does this also mean that some special/throw option selects will be ruined too? Maybe the idea with USF2 is to boost features a little bit, but once you start adding too many new gameplay features, you completely change the game and that would definitely turn it into a huge leap like the one we saw between New Challengers and Super Turbo. The supers changed the game completely and with USF2, the Tech throws will be doing the exact same thing.

Perhaps this is good news and we are getting a great new SFII that truly enhance the game and wipes out the mistakes made in ST and HDR. We will find out at some point this year. Let’s just hope that the next footage released is a match between pro players. That will give us a chance to see what the game will be like.