No turbo for Ultra Street Fighter II?

Could it be that this game being launched on the Nintendo Switch is looking to be as easy and casual gamer friendly as possible and that is why there is no turbo speed option? Perhaps it’s a bit too early to say, but it seems like Ultras Street Fighter II features no turbo options as of now. It’s quite likely that the game we have seen so far is far from a finished product and we certainly hope that is the case, but if not, the only logical approach would be PS4, Xbox One and PC ports to be on the horizon at some point.

The speed for Ultra Street Fighter II seems to slow for the time being and it would be a terrible setback from the already standard turbo speeds that are used in tournaments all over the world for Super Turbo, but the thing is that USF2 might be looking to forget all about Super Turbo and focus more on the pace of the old SF games.

It’s very likely that Capcom is going to be smart enough to consider the importance of having turbo settings for this game, but if they don’t they are definitely not looking into the devoted community that keeps Street Fighter II alive with several sites as well as online gaming platforms like Fightcade.

Sometimes we wonder what Capcom are doing as far as the fan base that continues to play SFII games, mainly ST. Are they aware of this community and their efforts? Do they take that community into consideration when they create new SFII games?

The truth is that we might never find out, but if Ultra Street Fighter II only comes out for the Nintendo Switch and the stick support is limited, we could very well be looking at nothing but a title that was made for the purpose of increasing the gaming library choices for Nintendo Switch owners.