Ultra Street Fighter 2 for PS4 and Xbox One in the works?

We all saw how Sony managed to keep SFV console exclusive and the game was only ported to PC, which is considered to be an entirely different gaming community instead of a competitor. Now Nintendo has taken a step forward by having Ultra Street Fighter II: The final challengers for the Nintendo Switch and only time will tell if the game is ever going to be ported to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Nintendo and exclusivity

If one thing has always separated Nintendo from the rest is their hardcore determination when it comes to keeping exclusivity for certain titles. Very few games that have been initially launched for Nintendo consoles have been ported, but the lack of options for this particular game could be a serious problem.

Street Fighter has always been a game that gets ported to all systems. The new exclusivity deals that Capcom made with Sony for Street Fighter V are definitely not the smartest choice for the purpose of building a community, but we saw the exact same thing happen with Killer Instinct when it was made exclusive for the Xbox One and left the PS4 out of the equation.

The point is that Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft seem to be in good enough shape to buy exclusive rights to games that sell a fairly decent amount of copies and at the end of the day, the gaming industry is about making money. Unfortunately, the fighting gaming community is still too young and the revenue produced by fighting game events is nothing compared to the magnitude of MMORPG and FPS tournaments.

No conclusive info is available

There are no news that have conclusive info on this being a permanent exclusive for Nintendo. We all saw what happened with Resident Evil 4 getting an eventual port to PS2, so we can only hope this is going to happen with Ultra Street Fighter II. The number of sales if gets will determine how much money Sony and Microsoft would be willing to spend to get a port.