When game marketing goes hot

Being real and cutting the BS is always a rewarding experience and we all know that women sell things. You can have a crappy product that no one cares about, but if you stamp a pretty girl on the cover of the advertisement for your product, you will get much better results.

The truth is that regardless of how nerdy the gaming community can get, the love for the female body remains constant and this continues to be a male dominated market, so it makes perfect sense that some companies will use the hot babe tactics to get results.

In this article, we bring you several examples of gaming marketing that is combined with the allure of a hot woman. Some of the games desperately needed the help, whole others stood on their own as great titles, but boosted their sales even more with the beautiful women they showcased in their advertisement.

We can start with an obscure game for a very successful franchise. The haunted Castle game was the official “Castlevania” for the arcade era and it was terribly bad when compared to the other games in the franchise. Got to love the hairspray “Poison Groupie” look on the woman, which certainly helps take your mind away from the ridiculous mess of the entire ad.  Nice legs though, nice legs.


Centipede was an instant classic at arcades all over the world and nothing is sexier than a hot babe wearing Daisy Dukes. Gamers all over the world dreamed with this photo for a while and who could blame them.


We know that everyone has their own opinion regarding consoles and the number one console of all times. In my opinion, the Dreamcast was the best console ever made for a large number of reasons. They went down for being in the wrong place at the wrong time, but that is a whole other story. Here, we can see that they did their own sexy and suggestive ads to promote this powerful and awesome console back when they had their own Magazine.


Nintendo has always been known as the creator of “kiddie” games, but this Nintendo Magazine cover proves that they also cater to the older gamers that definitely found this to be a very sexy and suggestive Killer Instinct Cover.


Even classic arcade games that turned into classic console games had their share of sexy advertisement. This Contra arcade ad reminds us of the power of Daisy Dukes and sexy long legs. The ad eloquently reads “Irresistible force”.


Trust me when I say that we would have no problem at all with showing you some cartoon nipples in this site. Unfortunately, we are not hosted in an adult server and we had to censor the following ad. This one was for the arcade game Meteor, and yes, the original ad shows full blow nipple action, you just have to take our word for it.


We wanted to save the very best for last and the truth is that if it wasn’t for this ad, the game it was made for would be buried in the large pit of forgotten games. Europeans have always been laid back and relaxed about sexual content and this Mega Drive ad for a pretty uneventful and forgettable tennis game was superbly sexy and hot.

The masterful way in which the woman shows her behind and the angle of the photo barely allows you to see that she is indeed wearing underwear, makes this the ultimate sexy gaming ad ever to make it into a magazine.


Honorable mention:

The following is not a video game ad, but it reminds us that there is no better combination in the world than a hot woman and video games, but the irony is that this is as paradoxical as it gets because they are only a perfect combination in the eye of the gamers.

It’s very likely that the woman in the picture couldn’t do a hadouken to save her life, but we don’t care, we could watch her just stand there and stare at the screen all day.