Time Killers

The 90’s was definitely the ultimate time in the spotlight for 2D fighting games. There are so many to choose from that it can be hard to decide, but it’s easy to arrange fighting games in 3 different categories. There are great games that look good and plays just as good. Then you have games that look great and play terribly and you have games that look terrible and have horrible gameplay.

1992’s Time Killers is difficult to place in any category because the look seems unfinished and rushed and the gameplay is atrocious, but there is a very distinct charm to the game and it comes from the dismembering gore that takes place in most matches.

All character have the ability to decapitate each other at any moment during the match and they can also sever both arms from their opponent, but this is not enough to defeat them as they are still able to fight with no arms and win.

I remember the arcade Machine for Time Killers being quite loud at my local arcade and it attracted quite a few people to pay, but most of them would get frustrated fast because the CPU would decapitate them after a few matches. I used to spend a lot of coins in this game just because it provided a level of gore and entertainment that wasn’t common back then and Mortal Kombat was released just a few months earlier, but the style was completely different.

Check out our gameplay video and take a look at this unique title that might not offer a smooth gaming experience, but is definitely worth mentioning as part of a select number of strange and unusual fighting games that came out back then.