The Near Perfect Run – SSF2T Maximum Difficulty

Alright I decided to post this run even though it ends in a way I did not expect, but the run was quite good and it’s definitely my closest attempt at the record that I want to set in ST. Another plus is that it has input display and the things done in the run might be useful for players who are starting out with boxer and want to learn some basics.

I’ve been getting into speedrunning lately and I feel that fighting games are just beginning to gain momentum in the speed running community. I have a few records at and I noticed that there is no record for SSF2T on arcade. This is one of the hardest games to beat with one coin out of all Street Fighter games because the computer can be relentless, but there are certain weak spots to each character that can be exploited, with others you have to be very precise and avoid any mistakes because a single combo can take over 80% of your life.

I discovered a lot of things about matchups with Rog and also about the range of attacks that work and the meaty attacks that will be almost impossible even for the computer to reverse. You also learn a lot about hit trades and precise timing for normals and specials in order to avoid being punished. It’s safe to say that the hardest difficulty in arcade ST can teach you a whole lot about the game unlike other arcade modes in fighting games.

I already have a few runs finished without losing credits, but I did lose rounds and I want to post a finished run that is as flawless as possible, not perfect, but without losing rounds at least. This run was quite close to that, but Akuma was possesed this time. It seems random how sometimes I clear him out like nothing in some runs, but it seems like the computer takes note of the fact that you are beating the game without losing rounds and proceeds to give Akuma a supercharge.

I will be doing this run until I get it right. I might end up posting the record with lost rounds, but there should at least be no lost credits. This run should give people a good idea on how to handle the hardest difficulty with Boxer if anyone wants to give it a shot. I plan to create a leaderboard at F101 and at and a few other people are already trying to set the initial record too.

Some notable strategies with Boxer:

Learning to calculate when to use TAP is essential. It’s not just random. Do it too early and you will eat a reversal, do it too late and they will block. A few characters can be completely stupid when you use TAP (Fei Long comes to mind) but a slight mistake can cost you a round against anyone.

The buffered super works very well against most characters but you also need to know the right timing to avoid a reversal or a block.