Indie Game Review: BrainBox

There is no question that some game developers have always been able to create video games that are extremely fun and quite minimalistic. Games like Flappy Bird come to mind with very little graphical and programming effort, but a lot of fun with simple gameplay mechanics.

This review is about a game called brainbox and it’s a boxing game with 4 buttons that are assigned to your directional arrows on your PC. This is a free indie game, but it shows that talent and clever gaming can be found even in the most simplistic packages.

You have two boxers that have brains for life bars and the more punches you take, the more damage your brain starts to take, which is also cleverly animated while you are beating your opponent to a pulp.

The music is simple, but catchy and perfectly suited for the game and the effects are great too. You have a stamina bar that you have to manage carefully to avoid getting winded.

This is a very entertaining game that is extremely easy to play, so if you feel like playing some independent games and supporting this awesome scene, go ahead and give it a go. You will not be disappointed.

You can download Brainbox for free at Gamejolt>>