The Amazing 3DNES Emulator

Every gamer that was born in the late 70’s and 80’s remembers the greatness of the first Nintendo console that came out. The NES was a huge success and it had a powerful library of games. Many of these games are still enjoyed and replayed by millions of people worldwide for speedrunning and 100% completion challenges and other people simply play for fun.

The point is that the Nintendo Entertainment system has always been a powerful console that is enjoyed by millions of people and it has hundreds of great games on its library.

Console emulation has been quite popular since the late 90’s and many of these emulators work flawlessly for anyone who wants to play Nintendo games on their computers without having to use the original console, but the graphics on those emulators are pretty much the same with the exception of some filters.

There is a very powerful new emulator that is currently being developed, but a beta version has been released and it already produces some amazing results. The 3DN which is short for 3D NES, is an emulator that turns 2d games into 2.5D games in a way that makes it seem almost like they have been remade by Nintendo for new consoles. I was blown away by the screenshots I saw online and I was a bit skeptical at first, but the emulator works as you can see in the videos below.

We are loving what we are seeing so far and Castlevania is one of the games that looks truly awesome with this emulator. We strongly recommend that you check it out and give it a go. Some configuration are needed to get the best results from the 3Dnes, but with some quick tweaks, you will get excellent results.

Castlevania with the 3D NES

Super Mario Bros was also tested and the game looks amazing with his emulator with a few glitches, but this definitely very promising and we will be testing more games in the future in order to provide more details on this excellent emulator.

Super Mario Bros with the 3D NES

Metroid is also stunning with this emulator. The game didn’t offer much in terms of graphics, but with this 2.5D makeover it looks great. The 3DNES is definitely going to start turning heads and bringing back new life to the retro gaming community. The best thing is that it will probably inspire the same thing for 16-bit gaming eventually.

Metroid with the 3D NES

So far we recommend you try Castlevania, Super Mario bros, Megaman and Metroid as they all work quite well without the need to tweak them at all, but once you learn how to use the features, you will be able to optimize them even more.

How to use the emulator:

-Download the emulator in this link>>
-Unzip your NES roms and then load them through the 3DNES emulator (they must be unzipped to be found by the emulator.

You can check updates and runs on our NeuralFrights partner channel>>