Super Final Fight Gold – OpenBor Review

An amazing independent Street Fighter Beat ‘em Up!

Today we have a very special review because this is an independent game that was made with the beats of Rage open source game engine. Needless to say a large number of people started coming up with very creative game ideas and the OpenBor engine has been ported for use on Windows, Linux, Mac and it can even be used on the Wii and the Dreamcast.

This particular game happens to be one of the most professional independent beat em ups I have seen so far. The game is called Super Final Fight gold and it does one of the things that I always wanted to see in a game. It creates a blend of beat em up gaming with many of the moves and characters from street fighter.

It came out in 2015 and it takes things a step further because the creator programmed the moves from SF and adapted and also created new moves for each character as well. This is the kind of indie effort that is truly worth supporting.

I’m sure most Street Fighter fans will find it quite awesome. I particularly like how Fei long plays in this beat em up. It’s very entertaining to play as Fei Long and as Balrog in this one, it’s a lot of fun. All the characters are worth checking out though and you can even do combos and juggles in it.

I really don’t want to get in the way of the beauty of watching this game in action, so I will just mention a few things that are worth nothing.

First of all, the game has great controls. All the characters have most of their special moves and the super moves are done with the same motions as you would do them in Street Fighter. Some moves had to be changed in order to adapt the game to the beat em up style of movement, but everything was done properly to create a very good experience.

All the characters from ST are in this game and they also added the Final Fight characters to it. You will also see that bonus stages have been included and they will remind you of the Street Fighter Bonus stages too. The game was definitely made with plenty of attention given to all aspects and even when the gameplay can feel a bit stiff when performing the moves, it will quickly become very easy for you to perform combos, specials and supers with it.

This is a game that any Street Fighter fan should check out. Please check the link below the video for details on how to download the game. Huge props to the creator (Pierwolf) because the level of attention to detail is truly outstanding.

With that said check out some gameplay and see for yourself just how awesome this game is. No Street Fighter fan will be disappointed.

Link to Download game>>

This game requires the OpenBor emulator to run. For some reason the standalone OpenBor I downloaded wasn’t working with Windows 8.1 for me, but I downloaded the He-Man bundle and just placed the Pak file from the Super Final Fight Gold game on that pack.

Here is the link to the He-Man OpenBor, which is also an amazing indie effort without a doubt>>

There are many other great games for the OpenBor that you might want to check out. There is a Silent Hill BOR and a Simpsons BOR based on the original arcade game but with a much larger variety of enemies and bosses.