The Ultimate Double Tap Guide for Street Fighter V

The Double tap technique is a very powerful part of  the arsenal for any gamer that wants to take their fighting game skills to the next level. Most of the top players are using double tap in order to increase their chances of success when they are doing a combo.

How is it done?

The process of double tapping is quite simple. You have to take a single arcade button and press it with your middle finger first, then slide the finger off the button and immediately after that, hit the button again with your index finger.

The double tap speed

There are some people who perform the double tap a little too fast, but the truth is that you don’t need to do it too fast in order to get the desired results. The video shows you the exact speed at which the double tap will be effective enough in Street Fighter V. Other games might require faster double tapping, but for SFV the speed shown in the video is good enough and it helps you keep things under control.

One of the most important things to keep in mind when you are doing double taps is that this helps you with immensely with combos that include moves that are linked together. You will see that the examples on the video include Ryu’s standing strong into another standing strong and also a combo with standing strong linked to a crouching forward. These are perfect examples of situations that create a great opportunity for you to double tap and ensure that your combo works.

Double tap and V-trigger

Double tapping increases your chances of landing combos after a V-trigger too. This is a very powerful technique for the purpose of landing long combos that require precise inputs. The double tap increase your changes by giving you to inputs instead of one for that difficult link on your combo.

Practice makes perfect

It might seem awkward to change your strategies with combos and start implementing the double tap, but it will quickly become second nature to you when you play. It only takes a few hours of practice and you will get the hang of it. Also remember that muscle memory plays a very important role in the process of becoming a great fighting game player.

Video and inputs

Example 1: Basic double tap Practice

The best thing to do is spend a good amount of time just practicing the double tap without trying to combo after it. The only combo you need to focus on at first is that 2 hit combo that comes from the initial hit and the double tap that follows.


Example 2: Double tap hit confirm to Tatsu and Critical Art

The great thing about the initial combo is that it provides the perfect hit confirm situation for Ryu in SFV. You can experiment with other characters too and find their best hit confirm combos. This is a standing strong to a standing strong double tap, tatsu and Critital Art.


Example 3: Basic double tap Combo 2

This is another ideal combo for double tapping and just like you did with the first one, you should practice this alone until you feel confident enough to do a follow-up combo. This is a standing strong to a crouching forward double tap.


Example 4: Double tap hit confirm to Tatsu and Critical Art

Once you feel confident enough about the double tap technique, you can start to use the combos included in this guide to get the best results. This is a standing strong to a crouching forward double tap, tatsu and Critital Art.


Example 5: Double tap after V-Trigger

Just like it helps to land difficult link combos, the double tap is also going to be extremely useful when you are trying to land combos after a v-trigger. This is a great basic combo to get you started with the use of double tapping after v-triggering. This is a crouching forward to V-Trigger, a double tap standing strong to a tatsu and Critical Art.


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