A great article by Yogaboy at ST Revival on Kakerugo 2016!

We have just read this very detailed report on the experience that Spanish Super Turbo player Yogaboy had when he went to Japan for the Kakerugo 2016 Tournament. It’s a long read and definitely worth checking out for anyone who enjoys SSF2T. Plenty of info, photos and videos are included in this amazing post he did for ST Revival.

The Super Turbo community in Japan is incredibly active and it’s definitely like heaven for any western fan of the game that wants to test just how skilled he or she has been able to become at the game. Keep in mind that these guys are the very best in the world.

Some worthy highlights are the attempts from top Shoto players to beat MAO with Akuma while he used Claw. If you want to know how that went, check the full article here: ST Revival.