How to get good at Street Fighter V

There is a growing number of players who are looking to learn how to play Street Fighter 5 effectively and there is a larger number of things that they need to keep in mind if they want to become efficient players. In this article, we are going to share some important secrets that will help you achieve the best possible results with your SFV efforts.

1-Use an arcade stick


This is an essential aspect of becoming a great player in SFV. Trying to become a good fighting game player with a gamepad would be way harder and the execution is never going to be as solid. Some people might argue that this is not the case, but the vast majority of professional players in the fighting game community agree that playing Street Fighter V or any fighting game with a gamepad is not optimal.

There are plenty of arcade sticks that you can choose from when you decide to start playing this game. We recommend that you start with a good one because cheap sticks don’t really last very long, so you might want to spend at least $100 on a used Madcatz stick or a Hori stick. Once you get the hang of it, you will be glad you decided to make a significant investment in it.

2-Learn basic combos perfectly


Sure, there are many fancy and cool combos to learn in Street Fighter 5, but the truth is that the best way to get proper results is to consider the importance and relevance of the essential combos that will help you gain a good lead when you get a window to punish your opponent’s mistakes.

Practice makes perfect and the best way to become good at a fighting game is to do the same thing that martial artists do when they prepare for a fight. Repeat, repeat and repeat until you are able to do things without thinking. Muscle memory is going to play a major role in your ability to get good at fighting games.

3-Don’t be salty


Being salty is a term used by people in the fighting game community when they refer to a person that gets really mad when they lose. Salt is basically your inability to understand the mechanics of a game and the required methods to be able to achieve the best possible results. The more you learn how to play the game properly, the easier it will be for you to stop getting mad when you lose and you will appreciate your opponent for their skills if they beat you.

Remember this at all times, being salty is simply being an amateur player that has a lot to learn. You will only be able to know how good you are once you have reached the same level of matchup knowledge and use of special techniques as your opponent.

4-Learn option selects


There are some games that have very few useful option selects, but Street Fighter V is certainly not one of them. There are tons of great option selects that can help you in your matches and you need to learn all of them.

An option select is basically a move that allows you to get two possible outcomes depending on what your opponent does or on your ability to perform a certain move. Mastering your character’s option selects will be essential.

5-Search for the best players


The only way to get really good at any fighting game is to search for the best players in your area of online. If you only play against people who are as good as you or people that you beat consistently, you are never going to be able to grow as a Street Fighter V player. Constant exposure to top players is going to speed things up for you and give you results that you never expected before.


If you follow these tips, you will become a much better fighting gamer. Remember that to be the best at anything, you need to practice as much as possible and you have to face as many strong opponents as you can in order to learn new strategies and grow as a player.