Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo is the ultimate fighting game

The one thing that I remember seeing the most when i started to make videos for Fighter101 was the large number of people that would show up and make a comment in regards to how old the game is.

“why would you be making combo videos for a game that is so damn old”…..or “awesome video, too bad you are over 15 years late”…the list goes on and on, but the point is that the average modern gamer looks at SSF2T and sees an old outdated game that is full of horrible glitches.

For many of us who grew up in the late 70’s and early or mid-80’s, this is a game that defined our gaming experience and showed us that a game could be ageless. I can still sit down and play some of my favorite NES and SNES games, but the only game I can play frequently and still not get tired of it is SSF2T.

I remember my local arcade had a large selection of fighting games from those days. It had SSF2T, it had Mortal kombat, Samurai Showdown, Art of Fighting 2, Fatal Fury and a few other fighting games that i hardly spent a few coins on, but the crowds of people would gather around the SSF2T matches.

I also remember that there was an altered version of the game that made Sagat throw yoga flames from his feet when he did a tiger uppercut and it would allow Ryu and Ken to throw a wall of fireballs when they did a dragon punch. It was pretty obvious to me that SF was the game of all games when i would go out and buy a new console and I would immediately think about buying the best versions of street fighter I could find on that console.

When i bought a super NES, I went out to get Street fighter, Street fighter 2 Turbo and eventually super street fighter 2 the new challengers. I would never have all of them at once because my parents didn’t buy that many games for me due to my bad grades, so I would always have to go downtown to a shop that traded games in order to get the latest ones. I remember I had to trade my original street fighter 2 and 2 turbo to get the new challengers, but it was worth it.

Then when I bought a Sega genesis, i immediately went out and bought that console’s version of the game (now that i think of it, the audio in the genesis version was beyond bad, all of the characters sounded like they had a terrible cold). I do want to make an honorable mention of the champion edition on genesis for that kick ass cover.

Then when I got my 3DO I also bought the SSF2T game that came out for it and it was pretty close to the arcade experience (at least it felt that way back then, I know it’s far from accurate). Same thing with the Sega Dreamcast, the ps2 and then even on the PS3 when the HD remix came out.

The point is that this is the only game that I ever wanted to buy and play on any console that i ever owned. I remember I even bought the stupid little tiger handheld game for street fighter to bring to school. There is something hypnotic and extremely rewarding about playing this game against someone else. It’s basically a competitive expression that some people pretend is not about competing, but it’s definitely 100% about competing.

The joy I get out of the game is part of a whole experience that could very well have a lot to do with the part of my brain that likes to revisit my youth. I have come to realize that the SSf2T experience is so addictive because it combines 3 things I enjoy.

The first thing is video games in general

I like video games because they are my generations escape from boredom and from the dullness of daily activities. This is probably the reason why most people like video games.

The second reason is the competitive aspect of it

I’m a very competitive person and ever since I was very young I have always set goals and done everything in my power to accomplish then. SSF2T is one of those games that makes it extremely easy for you to get instant competitive gratification.

The last reason is probably the most important because it merges the other two things that make me love SSF2T and creates the ultimate experience and that last thing is the nostalgia.

I have figured out that I don’t love street fighter 2 because of the graphics, or because of the sounds, or because of the gameplay mechanics. I love SSFT2 because of the combination of every single one of those things and that feeling that it gives you while you play it. That slight feeling of melancholy about the good old days. SF is basically the anthem of a gaming generation.

Those are feelings that none of the new games can’t trigger because I was exposed to those new games as an adult, a jaded and cynical adult. I can enjoy those new games, but I only get two out of the 3 elements that i get from SSF2T and that is what makes it special above the rest.

Every time you hear a stage tune from the game, or you hear Guile say Sonic Boom or Ryu Say hadouken, you are immediately taken back to your youth, back to a time when everything felt new and you actually felt excited about things. I can’t remember the last time I was hyped up and excited about anything, but back then, things felt different in a great way.

Alight guys! That was it for this video. I hope it triggered some great memories from your childhood and that it makes you want to pick up SSF2T in any console or emulator right to play some games.

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