Shadow of the Beast – Sega Genesis/Mega Drive World Record Speed Run

This is the  Speed run for the Japanese version of Shadow of the Beast. The game came out on the Mega Drive/Sega Genesis. links:

-18hp run – 12:29.0

-12hp run – 12:43.4

Youtube Video

Notable run information

I got a funny glitch at 9:16 (youtube video time, not timer time) in the castle after hitting a barrel, instead of getting the hit sound, a dry soft sound came out and two simultaneous sounds that resemble a window being knocked came out.

Notable important data includes:

-Beating the first boss by taking no more than 2 hits – This equals 2 damage points.
-Beating the second boss by taking no more than 3 hits – This equals 3 damage points.
-Beating the third boss by taking no more than 5 hits – This equals 5 damage points.
-Beating the final boss by taking no more than 2 hits – This equals 4 damage points.

Notable mistakes:(youtube video time, not timer time)
-The Tree: 0:51 Getting stuck on the ladder for half a second after killing the ants.
-The Tree: 3:14  Ducking for no reason after getting the potion before the eyeball stretch 3:09
-The Plains: 5:37 I did not hit the statue in the fastest sequence possible.
-The Plains: 5:42 No need to stop at the raising yellow spikes and spiders because my energy was high enough.
-The Castle: 7:11 This part can be ran without damage. I did it with no damage on the 18hp run. You only need 3 points of energy when you enter the castle and then you can let the ladder snake hit you twice.
-The Castle: 8:11 The leg trick to avoid spawns (props to Goati_ for finding this) I don’t let the leg get too close, so the snake does spawn at the end, but you save a bit of time.
The Castle: 9:08 Ran a bit further than the ladder.