ESPN complains about Mika and her revealing costume

Great news of ESPN broadcasting a fighting game tournament at EVO 2016 came with ridiculous news when ESPN complained about a Street Fighter 5 Character name Mika and her revealing outfit. The network requested that one of the top 8 competitors used an alternate suit costume in order to make the executives happy.

The ridiculous thing is that ESPN broadcasts all kinds of events in which women are wearing way less than Mika wears in her main SF5 costume, but these are small bumps on the road to a much larger and popular community.

2016 has been an excellent tear for the fighting game community and we expect to see more coverage from large networks such as ESPN in the near future. The Street Fighter 5 players that hear of the incident felt that is was too ridiculous to even argue, but the truth is that it was a funny thing to hear from a network that shows some much skin for volleyball events and other sports.

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