Top 5 Reasons why you will never be a pro fighting game player

Top 5 reasons why you will never be a pro at fighting games

This video has been inspired by the growing popularity of competitive gaming and how the top players are now packing places like Mandalay bay in Las Vegas and it’s pretty clear that center stage is no longer just for the UFC and Boxing. All you have to do is take a look at the amount of cash some of the top players are making with sponsors and you will know that the era of the professional gamer has arrived.

Today we are going to be dealing with a top ten. It’s the top ten reasons why someone would probably never be able to make a living as a professional gamer. So sit back and enjoy the dream shattering top 5 reasons why you will never be a pro fighting gamer.

1-You lose your temper easily

There will be plenty of trash talk in the fighting game community and tons of people challenging you to prove yourself as you get better, but you need to keep your cool at all times and never let words get to you. Every time you lose, you need to take this as way to learn and improve.

2-You create your own rules

If you always complain about a certain move you find cheap and you call your opponent out for being a cheat and having no honor, you will fall into the category of those people who never become pro players because they create their own rules on how the game should be played.

If the official tournament rules allow a certain move, you have to deal with it or forget about becoming a pro. It’s that simple, so stop complaining and start learning to find a way around them.

3-You only play with local opponents

The rudest of awakenings happens to people when they get to play against top players from other areas in the world. Then they get to see just how much talent there is out there. Luckily, an internet connection allows you to play against skilled players from all over the world. There will be lag, but you will get a pretty good idea of how good your opponents can be.

4-You have very little time for games

This is a definite deal breaker for people looking to become pro gamers. You can’t expect to be the next EVO champion that gets sponsored by Madcatz if you only have time to play one hour each night after a hard day of work at your 9 to 5 job.

There is no way around it, pro players in fighting games are like pro players in Football or Tennis. They only make it to the top if they live for the sport they choose. If you want to be at pro level at anything that pays good money, you need to become an obsessive solder that lives for it.

But hey, relax, it’s not the end of the world. You can still enjoy fighting games without having to become that guy that lives to play games for a living.

5-You get too nervous in front of people

This is the king of the hill when it comes to reasons why you will never make it as a pro gamer. Just like it happens to the singer with dreams of becoming a rockstar, if you choke when you have a few people watching you play, you are never going to have what it takes to handle the pressure of a big event like EVO.

To be a pro player, you need nerves of steel. You have to be a cold blooded commando that is able to shut down all feelings and forget about the thousands of people watching and all the sponsorships and paychecks that you will earn or lose based on your ability to stay focused.

Perhaps you could try to take some beta blockers and give it a go, but then you’d be addicted to the blockers and those things are expensive as hell.

Alright guys, that is it for this video. Also remember that using a proper arcade stick Hope such as the Madcatz arcade sticks or Hori arcade sticks will be very useful. We Hope you enjoyed the video and if you feel a horrible pain on your heart right now, that is the needle that this reality check poked you with. No pun intended.

Bonus reality check:

Some people are terrible at playing video games even if they spend all day practicing. Just like some people are horrible at a certain sport they enjoy even if they commit to it.

Smart people learn to take advantages of their skills and they tend to try to excel at something they have a natural talent for. Being ruddy, the guy that never stops trying to do something that was not mean for him isn’t exactly the best way to go. You might get the admiration from a few people for being stubborn, but you are not going to get very far.

The point is, being realistic is a good thing. Follow your dreams, but if you still can’t beat the local players in a fighting game after months of hardcore practice and there is some random average player that beats you every time and he hardly plays, you might want to reconsider the thought of becoming the champion at EVO.

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