Kouryu Hack Arcade Run

If anyone wants to revise the good old days of the arcade scene when champion edition came out, you are going to love this video. This is an arcade run of a cabinet that came out with a champion edition hack called Kouryu. The game was broken and it was like a Street Fighter 2 Champion Edition on steroids.

Some of the notable hacks include:
-Character change while playing the game
-The ability to throw several fireballs at different speeds in sequence
-The ability to throw your opponent while in the air with all characters
-Characters have swapped powers (Ex: Sagat’s tiger uppercut has a yoga flame)
-Hyper speed with some characters
-Jumping out of the screen and coming back out from the bottom

The video shows a run in which all characters are used on different fights against other characters and the ending without losing any rounds to get one of the coolest ending credits in Street Fighter history!

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